Please review the check out procedure then complete the form below:

  • Each game has a limited number of boards. You will be notified via email if your requested game is NOT available.
  • Parents can pick up & drop off games every week before class. Games must go home with the parents, not stay at school with the student.
  • Each game must be checked back in on the following math class. You may check out 1 game per child at a time.
  • Verify all pieces are complete before returning to school. If any pieces are missing, please inform us so that we can replace the missing piece before the game is used again.
  • Do NOT bend or fold the game boards! To avoid warping, please keep the game board on a flat surface with the pieces on top of the board.
  • Game rules & strategies can be found on the MHG MP website under Top Downloads. When preparing for tournament, refer to highlight sheets & official MP rule manual. Email MHG MP Coordinator for rule manual:

Please fill out the game check out form here.