Game Rules & Strategies

The official MP game rules can be difficult to follow. We have put together a simplified 1-page version of the rules to make it easier to play the games at home with your children.

Once you are familiar with the goal of each game, please refer to the official MP rules, especially when preparing for the tournament. Please contact MHG Coordinator for an official MP rule manual:

Holly Kammer

(Click on the hyperlink. Files are uploaded at the bottom of the page for easy download as well)

Calla (division 1)

Hex-A-Gone (division 1)

Kings & Quads (division 1)

Shape-Up (division 1)

Star Track (division 1)

FIAR (division 2)

Kwatro-Sinko (division 2)

Par 55 (division 2)

Ramrod (division 2)

Sum Dominoes & Dice (division 2)

Contig-60 (division 3)

Fab-A-Diffy (division 3)

Juggle (division 3)

Queens & Guards (division 3)

Stars & Bars (division 3)

Tournament Highlight Sheets & Scoring Flag Cards

Tournament highlight sheets are very helpful when preparing for tournament. These can be found at:




Michigan Math Pentathlon Tournament Dates & Registration

Division 1 Tournament (Kindergarten & 1st Grade)

April 25, 2020

Walled Lake Northern High School

6000 Bogie Lake Road, Commerce Township MI 48382


Division 2 Tournament (2nd – 3rd Grade)

March 21, 2020

Bloomfield Hills High School

4200 Andover Road, Bloomfield Hills MI 48302


Division 3 Tournament (4th – 5th Grade)

May 16, 2020

Stoney Creek High School

575 E Tienken Road, Rochester Hills MI 48306


Register for Michigan/Ohio MP tournament at:

Pointers for your 1st trip to a MP tournament:

Read About Math Pentathlon’s Constructive Competition: