Interested in joining the board or just curious about what the positions entail? Look no further – you’ll find the various PTA Board Positions and Descriptions below. PTA Board & Chairperson positions are elected in April of every year.

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Board Positions

Click on the boxes below to learn more about each PTA board position. Board members get voting rights when motions are brought to the table during Board meetings or via email.


  • Preside at all meetings of the PTA.
  • Attend district PTA council meetings.
  • Coordinate the work of the officers and committees of the PTA.
  • Communicate with the principal on all PTA events.
  • Communicate with Michigan PTA when needed.
  • Oversee events and fundraisers chaired by other PTA members.
  • Meet with the treasurer and the principal to go over budget and expenditures.

Vice President: Events & Communication

  • Create a committee of volunteers to assist in managing the Facebook page, Facebook group, newsletter, and website
  • Assist the president by sending paper, email and/or Facebook notices about monthly meetings and any upcoming events
  • Create and publish the yearly calendar
  • Conduct any written correspondence between the PTA and the community as needed including posting to social media, sending out newsletters, creating copies, and requesting mass emails to be sent out on behalf of the PTA from the Principal or staff to families
  • Immediately following the election, send the name/address of the newly elected President to the Michigan PTA office
  • Act as recording secretary in the absence of that officer
  • Compose and send thank you notes, invitations and other letters as needed
  • Help coordinate volunteers for various events throughout the school year and create committees for larger events
  • Notify the school community of up-coming board officer elections
  • Assist in overseeing PTA events as needed
  • Assume duties in the absence of the President

Vice President: Fundraising

  • Create a committee to help with fundraising efforts throughout the year
  • Work with the chairs of our Fall Color Run and Spring Carnival to acquire monetary and prize donations
  • Reach out to possible school sponsors and collect donations
  • Seek out fundraising opportunities and present them to the PTA
  • Other fundraising responsibilities as needed
  • Assume duties in the absence of VP 1

Vice President: Membership

  • Promote PTA membership at beginning of the year events
  • Collect and organize PTA membership forms
  • Pass out memberships cards to members
  • Assist in completing school directory
  • Communicate membership count each month to the treasurer for record keeping and dues
  • Insert new members into MemberHub monthly
  • Assume duties in the absence of VP2


  • Keep a full and accurate account of all expenditures.
  • Plan yearly budget.
  • Have checks and vouchers signed by two people, the treasurer and one other, usually the school principal.
  • Present a financial statement each month at the PTA meeting.
  • Submit books annually for audit.
  • Forward $40.00 unit dues to the Michigan PTA office on or before June 1 of each fiscal year.
  • Forward National and State monies to Michigan PTA office on a monthly basis by the 28th of each month.
  • File income tax return.

Recording Secretary

  • Keep an accurate record of the minutes of all meetings of the association and of the executive board.
  • Conduct the correspondence delegated to him/her.


  • Assist in interpreting the unit bylaws, Michigan bylaws, and the National PTA bylaws.
  • Assist in interpreting the rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order to run general and executive board meetings and oversee committees formed by the PTA unit.
  • Inform the PTSA when the by-laws are required to be reviewed and updated and file with the district council and National PTSA.

Chairperson Positions (Non-Board)

Click on the boxes below to learn more about each PTA chairperson position. Unlike board positions, chairpersons do not get voting rights when motions are brought to the table during Board meetings or via email.

Legislative Representative

  • Review any pending educational legislation at the state and national level.
  • Communicate any pertinent information to staff and parents in the building community.
  • Give legislative contact information to parents and staff as required for them to take action.
  • Receive information from both the state and national educational legislation committees.

Reflections Chairperson

  • Promote the current year’s PTA Reflections theme to students and teachers.
  • Provide timeline as to when the artwork is due to the school for different levels of judging (I.e., local school, district, and state levels)
  • Provide rules and requirements to students, teachers, and parents per the National PTA, Michigan PTA, and school district. Be available for questions and assistance.
  • Gather and collect artwork and forms by due dates.
  • Double check forms and artwork to confirm they meet all requirements. Register all of them with the National PTA website.
  • Ask few local people outside of school to judge the artwork.
  • Submit to the school district name of Reflections chairperson or committee by the set deadline. Some required paperwork needed to accompany the submission.
  • Communicate student winners that are moving to the next level.
  • Communicate which students are moving to the state level.
  • Plan a recognition event for all student participants and their families.
  • Attend the district’s Reflections celebration (around March). Need to handle/decorate display board to display all student winner’s pieces.
  • Return all art pieces to each student participants.

Health and Wellness

  • Help create healthy as well as fun activities for the students and families to participate in.
  • Share any literature or information on health, fitness and nutrition that families and students might benefit from.
  • Try to promote healthy habits on a continuous basis for the students.