Dance Fit Dance-a-thon Fundraiser

Are you ready to dance your tush off??

Check back to see how much our school earned in our Wildcat Dance-a-thon!

Our goal is to raise $18,000!


  • Top Earning Grade gets a Wildcat Champ Stuffie
  • Top 8 Earners in the school get a free ice cream at Big Dip Burgers
  • ALL Students who register and receive at least ONE donation get a FREE kids meal at Panda Express and a FREE kids meal at Texas Roadhouse in Novi
  • ALL Students who registered for a t-shirt get a class level shirt


Can we send cash or checks instead of making a donation online? YES! Checks and cash can be sent to the school - either by mail or with a student.

Can I pledge instead of leaving a flat donation? YES! You can pledge as little as $0.10 per minute danced. Please be careful, though - a pledge of $10 per minute danced will charge your card $350 once the dance is completed.

Can I leave a flat donation instead of pledge? YES! When you get to a student or teacher's pledge page, you can select "Flat Donation" instead of pledge. Your card will be charged immediately.

Does my child need to be registered to dance? No. All students are free to dance in the dance-a-thon via Zoom on March 26th (in person students will also do this during PE class).

Will my child receive a prize just for being registered? No. We're asking students to raise $100 each. One donation (of any amount) gets them a free meal at both Panda Express and Texas Roadhouse in Novi.


Grades in the Lead:

1st Place: 2nd Grade - WINNER!

2nd Place: 3rd Grade

3rd Place: Kindergarten

4th Place: 4thGrade

5th Place: 5th Grade

6th Place: 1st Grade

Updated: 3/24/2021 @ 9am